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Our organization has had limited success with online negotiations in the past. However, MarketMaker4's hybrid service has proven to be an excellent value for Hawker Beechcraft and the flexibility of their solution allows us to maximize the results of our negotiations regardless of size or scope of the requirement. Brad DeGrandis, Director, Indirect Sourcing & Raw Material, Hawker Beechcraft


Planning your negotiation and ensuring your chosen set of e-auction bidders are fully engaged

Every subscription to the MarketMaker4 auction software suite includes access to a dedicated support team, who is the first point of contact for any questions about how to design an online auction. Then, when you have decided that you are ready to proceed with an online negotiation, this team works on your behalf to maximize the dynamics of the e-auction – we call it MarketMaking™.

MarketMaking™ is the most important, but most often neglected, aspect of conducting online negotiations. At MarketMaker4 we take care of all the administrative aspects of managing an online negotiation so that you can concentrate on the commercial and strategic components of your project.

Our MarketMaking™ Team work behind the scenes to ensure your chosen set of electronic auction bidders:

  • are fully aware of the opportunity and have confirmed their interest
  • have received all necessary documentation
  • have executed all required confidentiality agreements
  • have completed all necessary software familiarization & training in order to bid in an online auction
  • have calculated their reserve bids ahead of the negotiation
  • and are present at the designated time of the negotiation
This allows you to focus on:
  • Structuring the negotiation in the most optimal way
  • Maximizing the competitive market
  • Staying up-to-date on the latest cost drivers affecting your negotiation


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